COPENHAGEN 2014 (27.06.20)

God aften, Europa!

What a season finale! We visited Copenhagen 2014 for the final weekly #EurovisionAgain, and none other than the fabulous Conchita Wurst introduced it for us.

Probably my overall favourite Eurovision of all time – aside from the high quality of songs, the stage is epic, the production sublime, and one of the hosts is a frickin’ PIRATE.

We all know Conchita runs away with victory, but can she replicate that with the #EurovisionAgain scoreboard?

Justice was shared between four of the Big Five with the UK and France catapulting up 12 places from 2014, while Spain and Italy leap 6 and 3 spots respectively.Β 

Germany faired less well, sinking 7 places, propped up by a Belarusian Cheesecake at the foot of the table.

Russia’s Tolmachevy Sisters failed to shine, slipping down 10.

Note: this week’s #EurovisionAgain featured a collaboration between #EurovisionAgain and Netflix so some of our materials are branded to promote Fire Saga – we also ran a competition to win tickets to Copenhagen 2021.

Full details can be found here.


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