Who are we?

#EurovisionAgain is run by me, Rob Holley. I write about Eurovision for the Independent and, like a lot of fans, I was expecting to be in Rotterdam this May.

The cancellation got me thinking about the things I’ll miss but also the joyful bits that fans recreate all year round. One of the funnest aspects of Eurovision is the Saturday night tweet-a-long – it’s so packed with love for this bonkers competition. I thought, why not come together every Saturday night and share the moment anyway.

It’s been a welcome distraction from the outside world. You can read about it in our first bit of press.

My good friend James Rawson the QI elf has been helping with the video content.

And Dr Ellie Chalkley devised the voting mechanics and is our honorary EurovisionAgain Executive Supervisor.

Mark Bowerman creates the scorecards we use each week.

Dimma is the voting co-ordinator.

We also have lots of support from our friends Alice, Elaine, Karl, Jonny, Matt, Darren, Heidi, Steve, Daniels R and A, Chris, Juno, David, Paul, Sebastian, Stuart, Andrew, Roy and Collin.