Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions.

Who are you?

A bunch of Eurovision-lovin’ dorks. See here. We’ve also had some press.

Are you connected to the EBU?

Nope. Not at all. They’ve reached out to say they’re enjoying #EurovisionAgain and would like to encourage it, but we’re completely independent and would be doing this whatever happens.

No Netflix conspiracies here, thanks.

How do you pick the years?

Here’s a bit of an update (10.04.20). We started out by using the available contests on YouTube so long as they were complete with intro, show and voting; had high picture quality; and contained minimal commentary.

Before the third #EurovisionAgain took place, the EBU dropped us a line to say they’d support the fan rewatches by streaming our chosen year on their official YouTube channel, so long as the year was available. Their involvement is great on so many counts: primarily it’s magnificent that the EBU is supporting us fans (d’awwww you guys!!!) but beyond that it means they can implement a countdown clock so fans are all genuinely watching a full version of the show at the same time, with the same high quality video, with no dodgy edits and no commentary. Good times!

Contests that weren’t available on the official channel or in their entirety (like Moscow 2009) are now being given their chance to shine again. Thanks EBU.

This does mean that rather than us picking a sketchy Norwegian broadcast recording that’s sat unnoticed on YouTube for 10 years (as we did in week 2), we now rely on the EBU to hold the rights and HD footage to be able to broadcast a certain year. They are being really helpful and really proactive, and are putting in some asks out around Europe. But it’s not as simple as you might imagine. Read on.

When will we get a show from the 1990s or 1980s or earlier?

(Update 25.04.20) The short answer is: please be patient, we want this too.

The EBU are reaching out to broadcasters to try and come to arrangements that would allow the streaming of older contests with copyright issues all over the place.

If you joined us for Dublin 1997 – this came about because of the goodwill of RTÉ (the Irish broadcaster). They allowed the official Eurovision YouTube channel to livestream the show and host it for one week only.

We’d imagine similar arrangements might be made for other classic years, but it all depends on the broadcasters and how they operate. The is no one-size fits all, so again – patience.

Why is this such a complicated predicament? Well, the long answer (as well as a simplified explanation as to why it’s slightly tricky) follows…

The now familiar Eurovision heart branding came into being for the contest in Istanbul. Prior to 2004, host broadcasters created their own look and feel for the contest based upon… well, by the looks of it, whatever clipart they had access to. See below.

Along with establishing the Eurovision brand, in 2004 the EBU got their act together when it came to copyrights and archiving.

Which is why it’s a lot easier for them to offer up shows from 2004 onwards at this moment in time… however… these are uncharted waters and they are exploring with national broadcasters whether or not they can allow their shows to be broadcast as part of #EurovisionAgain.

As you can imagine, broadcast rights for television are complicated enough before throwing in the music rights of 20+ songs too. But there’s a lot of goodwill around right now, so patience is key.

#EurovisionAgain have a schedule of shows to take us up until June which includes pre-2004 contests – but this is dependant on broadcasters being in a position to help.

Please know that the older the contest, the more difficult it is to secure… but the ball is rolling.

So bear with us and our pals at the EBU: they’re working super hard for all of us at the moment.

Can you let us know the line-up for the next few weeks?

And ruin the surprise? Absolutely not!

In terms of how #EurovisionAgain orders the years: contests will continue to be spread out, leaping backwards and forwards through time, with no successive years.

Can you start #EurovisionAgain at a different time?


Will you be doing #EurovisionAgain on Saturday 16th May?

We’re avoiding a clash with the official Eurovision replacement shows and have something special planned for Sunday 17th May instead.