Jerusalem 1999 (18.07.20)

אירופה טובה, ערב

Shalom! It’s time for the last Eurovision of the millennium as we take a trip to Jerusalem 1999! Thank you KAN for helping out with this old IBA contest.

As you’ll see at the start, the hosts make a great deal about the fact that this year will be decided 100% by televoting.

One thing they curiously neglect to mention is that this is also the first year without an orchestra. Not that you’d notice, in our humble opinion.

An impressive stage, several bangerz and an interval performance from the Diva herself, Dana International, this is a modern if sometimes oddly paced contest.

Charlotte Perrelli née Nilsen wins the show, just squeaking past Iceland’s Selma in the last few votes… but can she replicate this at #EurovisionAgain? Let’s find out…

This was the tightest #EurovisionAgain yet! As we watched the votes come in Iceland led for large chunks of the 30 minutes, switching occasionally with Sweden, before Charlotte pulled away in the final 5 minutes.

Croatia improved on their original 1999 placing by one rung and weren’t far off a top 2 spot!

Cyprus were the big winners of the night, clambering up the table from 22nd to 11th! Perhaps ahead of their time?


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