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#EurovisionAgain articles:

Eurovision’s Cancelled but Not For These Fans – New York Times (15.05.20)

Eurovision may be cancelled but us fans won’t let it pass by uncelebrated – Metro (13.05.20)

Eurovision Again: Why fans of the song contest get together every Saturday – BBC News (25.04.20)

Boom-bang-a-bang Covid-19! Eurovision warriors refuse to be silenced – The Guardian (05.05.20)

Business Matters – #EurovisionAgain featured (full link, 44 minutes in) – BBC World Service (02.05.20)

‘Throw yourself into the dorky world of pop’: Meet the man hosting Eurovision from his living room – Telegraph paywall (29.04.20)

Fans gather behind #EurovisionAgain – Official Eurovision website (04.04.20)

Nu tävlar Europa igen – med gamla Eurovisionprogram – Dagens Nyheter Sweden (20.04.20)

Thousands of fans re-watch 2009 Eurovision for lockdown entertainment – Evening Standard (05.04.20)

Eurovision 2020 annulé : Comment obtenir votre dose d’Eurovision malgré tout… – 20 Minutes France (07.04.20)

Eurovision fans are rising like phoenixes to raise thousands for queer charities with a new online phenomenon – Pink News (18.04.20)

#EurovisionAgain could be the cure for your lockdown boredom – Huffington Post UK (28.03.20)

Want to relive Ireland’s 1997 glory as Eurovision host? – RTÉ Ireland (18.04.20)