Gothenburg 1985 (15.08.20)

God kväll, Europa!

We’re living out our neon and pastel fantasies in Gothenburg 1985 with thanks to SVT for allowing the EBU to screen this contest for the first time in 35 years.

Lill Lindfors is our excellent host for this Scandi-extravaganza – proving once more than Swedes know how to do light entertainment without breaking a sweat.

We’ve a ridiculous number of repeat offenders taking to the stage, including the eventual winners Bobbysocks! who snatched victory with the last three set of juries. 

Can they retain their crown this evening? Let’s find out….

Well done Bobbysocks! A second #EurovisionAgain victory for Norway, and a great night too for Israel jumping to the runner-up slot from an original placing of 5th.

Turkey and Spain leap 10 and 8 places respectively, while at the other end Ireland crashes from 6th in 1985 to 16th.

Spain and the United Kingdom finish in a dead heat and #EurovisionAgain cannot separate them as we do not have a rule about that! Oh well.

#EurovisionAgain returns on Saturday 19 September.

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