Lisbon 2018 (06.06.20)

Boa noite, Europa!

Pop out the pastel de natas – we’re jogging back a couple of months to the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest: Lisbon 2018!

We were joined by the wonderful UK entry SuRie, who shared her experiences of the night (and what a night she had!)

SuRie put together a fascinating Twitter thread which explains the behind-the-scenes drama that took place immediately after her stage invader. You can find that thread here: 

One of our favourite recent contests, this show has everything – a Scooby Doo-style memorable Moldovan melody, more fada than you can wave a Padrón pepper at, and a final top two on FUEGO.

Netta took home Israel’s first win in 30 years with TOY, but can she repeat that success in our #EurovisionAgain poll?

Congratulations Eleni on snatching the #EurovisionAgain crown, and swapping places with Netta. Incredibly, #Fuego was trending at a ridiculous rate at the results came in:

Elsewhere on the countdown both SuRie and Saara Aalto rocket up the leaderboard 19 and 21 (!) places respectively.

Waylon’s Outlaw In ‘Em with its controversial staging, perhaps unsurprisingly given the context of June 2020, crashed out in last position.


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