Brighton 1974 (17.05.20)

Good evening, Europe! Crikey – this was a blast from the past. The 19th Eurovision Song Contest hosted by the UK because Luxembourg couldn’t afford to host twice in a row.

For the first time in over 45 years, the BBC allowed the first full broadcast of 1974 – a real treat for those of us Eurovision fans who aren’t able to visit Brighton as we’d normally be doing around this time of the year. The full show, Wombles and all, was available for a week.

So much to talk about with this one, not least the #PolyesterFiesta that is the carpeted set, Germany’s costumes and the ridiculous gigantic scoreboard!

Not to mention an iconic winner in ABBA, great tracks from Italy and The Netherlands (and pretty much all 17 countries!), and a Portuguese track that almost began a revolution.

For the first time the #EurovisionAgain Top 4 matches the original Top 4 from 1974!

And by sheer fluke, our poll also resulted in a joint last place. This time Belgium and Germany share the wooden spoon, originally it was a tie between Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Portugal.

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