Stockholm 2016 (02.05.20)

God kväll, Europa!

Wow – Sweden really know how to throw a party. But is it any wonder? This was their second contest in the space of 4 years, and with the experience and confidence that Malmö 2013 gave him, Edward af Sillén wrote and directed what many regard as one of the best Eurovision Song Contests to date.

Amazingly, Edward filmed an introduction for #EurovisionAgain and roped in his good friend (and 2016 host) Petra Meda. Thank you! You can watch this below.

Our hosts that evening were Petra Meda and Måns Zelmerlöw, both guiding us through proceedings with warmth and impeccable comic timing.

Stockholm 2016, live-streamed from the official Eurovision Song Contest channel

The show itself was fascinating; reflecting European society at the time. As Catherine Baker explains in this video, the 2016 contest was broadcast at the peak of the still on-going migrant crisis, as well as the ongoing dispute between Russia and Ukraine over the annexed Crimea. This head-to-head played out in the results.

With regards to our #EurovisionAgain vote, well, for the second week running our winner is discordant from the actual results.

Australia’s Dami Im snatches Jamala’s crown (and to be fair, Ukraine pinched Serbia’s win last week) with Bulgaria rising to claim the runner-up spot. Spain leaps ahead 15 places, while Poland tumbles 11.

Curiously, all the places in this week’s #EurovisionAgain are different from the actual 2016 results… all bar one. Russia’s Sergey Lazarev finished our poll in third – which seems to be his own particular curse.

Dami Im, Joe (of Joe and Jake), Sarah Woodruff all tweeted too.

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