Helsinki 2007 (26.04.20)

Hyvää iltaa, Eurooppa!

It took Finland 46 years to win their first Eurovision Song Contest and so we were expecting big things in Helsinki 2007 for the 52nd edition of the world’s favourite music competition.

Helsinki 2007, live-streamed from the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

We were delighted that Marija Šerifović (the 2007 winner with Molitva) introduced #EurovisionAgain (see video below). 

Here’s Catherine Baker with a bit of contest context:

This was the first year that a semi-final was introduced, meaning that along with the biggest financial contributors, the ten best placing countries from the previous year would be joined in the final by ten songs that scored highest in the semi. Along with this, a wacky new rule meant five wild-card countries from the semi-final and three countries from the final got to choose their starting position. Whether this made for a great final, well… be your own judge of that.

For the second time in #EurovisionAgain history, the original contest winner has been usurped by the twitter vote! Congratulations to Verka Serduchka on snatching the crown from Serbia, and joining Carola as a brand new #EurovisionAgain champion.

Host countries traditionally fare badly, whatever the quality of their entry, so a little justice has been served for Finland’s Hanna Pakarinen who, along with Scooch, jumped 14 (!) places to 3rd and 8th respectively. Aremenia plummets 8 places to last. Oh dear.

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