Moscow 2009 (04.04.20)

Добрый вечер, Европа!

This week we travelled to the Russian capital of Moscow for a lavish affair featuring Cirque de Soleil, some iffy skits, and one of the most memorable winners to date.

Eurovision legend Alexander Rybak introduced #EurovisionAgain this week, showing off his trophy in the process:

It was also the week that the EBU got in touch to tell us that they were supportive of this fan project and so helped by putting the contest on their YouTube channel and creating a countdown so that everyone could truly watch in sync!

The full show is available to watch on the official YouTube channel:

After all acts had performed we ran an online poll in which THOUSANDS of you voted. Once again Alexander Rybak triumphed but it was a much closed race than in 2009, and for much of the voting Yohanna led with her Icelandic ballad Is It True?

Curiously, the top 6 is very similar to original results.

Here are the results of the #EurovisionAgain twitter jury:

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